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  Our publishing house 'OTIUM AC NEGOTIUM' Edizioni Felice de Bernardi appeared on the book market in May 1995 with its first title: 'Il Test Stelle e Onde' (The Star and Wave test) by Ursula Avè-Lallemant, which started the collection 'Materie Prime' (Raw matters).
This work in its Italian edition is adopted as study book during refresher courses for teachers and was presented to the public on TV.
Going on with the original “philosophy of life and readings”, during the following years new collections each of them having its own logo, were born.
For those who are fond of old style detective stories, in 1996 the first thriller of the collection 'I Gialli del Passato'(The Thrillers of the Past) was published. In 1997 the collection 'Gli Anelli', (The Rings) a collection devoted to life experiences outside the daily routine, was born.
The following year (1998) “The butterflies” (Le Farfalle) was born. It is a collection which includes unusual tales for children. In 2001 the collection “The Oreads” (Le Oreadi), devoted to those who are fond of the history of Art, was born.
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