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  Raw matters
The Collection "Materie Prime" (Raw Matters) was born in 1995 when the book "Star and Wave Test" by Ursula Avé Lallemant was published, translated from the original German version "Der Sterne-Wellen Test". It collects books on different subjects, all focusing the knowledge of personality in its various aspects. The titles available are intended to introduce new disciplines to the reader such as Physiognomy or to provide practical handbooks such as "Puericulture: questions and answers" which is presently adopted in training delivery courses.
  Thrillers of the past
In 1996 our second Collection was born. It is devoted to a genre which is still much loved and diffused. It includes detective stories written and set during the '30es. Each of them is little jewel in which the investigations on mysterious murders take place within the characteristic atmosphere of the little Italian towns of the '30es which attract the reader by the plot of their events.
  The rings
The symbol of the Ring has old origins and came to the fore thanks to the film adaptation of the novels by J.R.Tolkien. Since 1997, inspired by the same idea, our publishing house started the Collection "The Rings" which is intended to offer the reader novels and dossiers centred on extraordinary and unusual events.
Our Collection devoted to children was born in 1998 and it is inspired to an animal which has always charmed our fantasy. Butterflies, with their multicoloured wings stand for freedom and beauty, for what can be attractive and unseizable and our publications want to arouse the same emotions
  The Oreads
Nymphs of the mountains from the Greek and Roman mythology, the Oreads have been chosen as symbols of lightness for this Collection which, born in 2001, is devoted to those are fond of poetry and history of art.
  The soul's colors
A series dedicated to the culture of the body but of mind that comes through the discipline of yoga: a practical starting point to reflect and discover subtle relationships prodondi and charming but that esisstono in all that surrounds us, and felt by anyone who is willing to pay more attention and exercise their sensitivity and awareness.
The soul's colors  
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