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The new publication of the Book "Biondini" Angelo Patri is extremely important for Piaggine. "I thank all who have helped make possible the reprinting. I hope that many people, but especially young people, read the book with enthusiasm. The pages of" Biondini "we will provide evidence of knowledge of a piagginese that has had many awards in America and of which we are all proud of. This recovery is all the more significant the more the book will take us on to the thought of Patri and his works.

The Mayor of Piaggine
Angelo Ciniello

  Collection "Gli anelli"
Biondino- Un Lettore Italiano by Angelo Patri - Translated and adapted by Maria Piccirilli, Reprinted by Otium ac Negotium - 145 pagine
  Not for sale - ISBN 88-87706-06-9
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