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Cristina and Daniele, two teenagers in search of adventures, decide to visit a village deserted after an earthquake. That catastrophe was told to be caused by a malediction pronounced by a grim teacher, driven out from that place because of his strange experiments, and voices also circulate about this wicked individual who, disguising himself as a ghost, wanders around undisturbed everywhere, as the only guardian of a treasure which no one has never been able to discover. Cristina and Daniele face the hardest trials: they escape the clutches of a magician; entrapped into a tomb they succeed in saving themselves into the bewitched castle and the jinxed hotel, chased everywhere by the shadow of a cut off hand. When the ghost seems to get the upper hand of them, Cristina and Daniele barricade themselves in the old school, discover the treasure and find out that…
  Collection "The butterflies"
The malediction of the ghost by Daniela Folco illustrations by Bianca Errico Fiaba da colorare - 120 pages
  Price € 6,50 - ISBN 88-87706-07-7
Il test stelle e onde
La puericultura per risposte
The expression of your being
Villa Belvedere
The murder of Via Oporto
Chang fu
Senza consenso
Notes of a ghost
Mariolino and the martians
The malediction of the ghost
The silent avant-gardes

Words have wings too

A yellow story
The word trip
L'io nella scrittura
The body's secrets