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The owner of an aristocratic villa is mysteriously killed. It is the first plug of an investigation which will be more and more complicated and intriguing and which will fully involve the life of the Head of the Police Giorgio Franci.
  Collection "The thrillers of the past"
The murder of Via Oporto by Ettore de Bernardi - pages 130
  Price € 7,75 - ISBN 88-87706-10-7
Il test stelle e onde
La puericultura per risposte
The expression of your being
Villa Belvedere
The murder of Via Oporto
Chang fu
Senza consenso
Notes of a ghost
Mariolino and the martians
The malediction of the ghost
The silent avant-gardes

Words have wings too

A yellow story
The word trip
L'io nella scrittura
The body's secrets