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To Mariolino, a little rogue eight years old, everything happens, as soon as he meets Lin, a real Martian. He and Teddy, his kitten, he ventures round galaxies and nebulae, together with the Martians Lim and Lum. (Only who reads the story can find out what will happen to Lim...) As regards Mariolino, he will face incredible dangers; he fights against Captain Bull, the chief of the spacecraft Piovra, he lands on Mars, while on the Earth another Mariolino strangely behaves…Teddy, his kitten, reveals itself to be brave as its little master and with it he saves the Martian Lum, caught by the Klunx, the evil inhabitants of the Green Planet. But when Teddy gets huge, all seems to be lost…Will Mariolino and Teddy succeed in coming back to the Earth safe and sound?
  Collection "The butterflies"
Mariolino and the martians by Daniela Folco design by Bianca Errico - 80 pages
  Price € 6,50 - ISBN 88-87706-05-0
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