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On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the first UFO sighting is published the first Italian edition of "Without Consent", the first survey of English mystery that is four decades puzzled scientists and laymen: the Abduction Phenomenon of Aliens. Since the U.S. has been coined the term 'Disco Volante' to describe a sighting of a UFO in the distant 1947, thousands of cases of kidnappings were reported, most in the United States. In Great Britain have been documented only 40 cases. These cases range from individuals who have had an experience of empty time to people who were persecuted by the UFO and, finally, to groups of people who claim to have been abducted by alien beings ......
  Collana "Gli Anelli"
Senza consenso di Carl Nagaitis & Philip Mantle 32 foto bn, 8 tavole bn - 256 pagine
  Prezzo - € 12,90 - ISBN 88-87706-03
Il test stelle e onde
La puericultura per risposte
The expression of your being
Villa Belvedere
The murder of Via Oporto
Chang fu
Senza consenso
Notes of a ghost
Mariolino and the martians
The malediction of the ghost
The silent avant-gardes

Words have wings too

A yellow story
The word trip
L'io nella scrittura
The body's secrets