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In this book the Author who, since 1980 is Yoga trainer of the SatCitAnanda Yogashramaitalia and since 1997 collaborates with the S.I.M.O.(Italian School of Olistic Medicine) in Milan, clearly and fully explains the basic rudiments of this old discipline. He gives us a wide overview of its many aspects and teaches us to find out the relations existing between the various elements of our body, which explain "how physiognomy reveals many aspects of our psychology and our physical, mental and emotional state
  Collection "Raw matters"
The expression of your being by Franco Di Domenico - Original drawings by the author - 96 pages
  Price € 9,30 - ISBN 88-87706-08-5
Il test stelle e onde
La puericultura per risposte
The expression of your being
Villa Belvedere
The murder of Via Oporto
Chang fu
Senza consenso
Notes of a ghost
Mariolino and the martians
The malediction of the ghost
The silent avant-gardes

Words have wings too

A yellow story
The word trip
L'io nella scrittura
The body's secrets