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The first edition of this book was, in the intentions of the author, pediatrician and medical doctorate at the University of Puericultura Rome, prepared to meet the demands and needs of many pregnant women attending the courses of preparation for the birth at the clinic Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Rome. The style quick, clear, simple and comprehensive for all matters concerning the neonatal period and early childhood (from birth to the second year of life), has achieved a real success of consensus not only among mothers but also among professionals. This led to the need for reprints of the mark with its extensions and updates.
  Collana "Materie Prime"
La Puericultura per risposte di Sergio Deragna oltre 100 disegni bn - 284 pagine
  Prezzo € 23 - ISBN 88-87706-00
Il test stelle e onde
La puericultura per risposte
The expression of your being
Villa Belvedere
The murder of Via Oporto
Chang fu
Senza consenso
Notes of a ghost
Mariolino and the martians
The malediction of the ghost
The silent avant-gardes

Words have wings too

A yellow story
The word trip
L'io nella scrittura
The body's secrets