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As the events deeply marking the century which has just elapsed, become farer and farer, newer and newer memories of those who lived in it, emerge. This is the case of Dr.Ugo Cappuzzo, an Italian doctor who, while working as a doctor in China, was overwhelmed by the events which accompanied the rise to power by Mao-Tze-Tung.
"Chang-fu" in Chinese means "self-criticism", it is the report of those tragic years, of the imprisonment, the physical and psychological tortures to which the Author and his companions in misfortune suffered . The narration of the years of suffering mingles with the memories of the happy life spent with his family. A piece of contemporary history which is still alive in the memory of the author to such an extent that he decides, once he is free and far from China, to write his biography using a pseudonym.
  Collection "The rings"
Chang-fu by Luke Anthony (Original version ) - 378 pages
  Price € 15,49 - ISBN 88-87706-06-9
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